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Safely welcoming new residents during the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic


Welcoming new residents

We are welcoming new residents into all of our care homes providing our great care and to ensure that we are there for people that need care and support. In order to do this with the safety of our residents and staff at the centre of our thinking, we have a very clear admission policy and have infection control protocols that must be met.

Why choose Mariposa?

We have taken appropriate measures in order to assure the safe care of our residents, protect our staff and mitigate the risks of the current pandemic.


It remains that visitors are not permitted inside our services, apart from in some exceptional circumstances but this is constantly under review. This is to maintain necessary infection control measures during the current COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Where visitors are permitted we ensure that they wash their hands on entering, present themselves in front of thermal cameras at our entrances and we will be asking all visitors to ensure they have no symptoms with a series of simple health screening questions and observations.

A programme of communication is agreed with all families of new residents alike to make sure new residents settle in nicely and family are comfortable as well. Ensuring residents and family are well informed and comfortable is amongst our highest priorities.

In some instance we are enabling outdoor visits and window visits via a booking system but have strict protocols to ensure the safety of all. We know how important communication between residents, friends and family is. All of our homes are set up for video calling to enable you to keep in touch and we are confident that our staff are doing all they can to ensure that life in our services remains as comfortable and sociable as possible. We also continue to support our staff teams delivering good quality lifestyle choices and interactive activities and entertainment all whilst practicing physical distancing.

Keep in touch

Please call our care homes if you would like to speak to a loved one.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact one of our care home Managers or email us at

Thank you.