February 2021: Welcoming the New Year at Derwent


Derwent Newsletter: February Edition

We’re waving goodbye to 2020 and I’m sure you will agree when I say I am happy to see the end of it in many ways. The new year is here and already looking promising because, as most of you are aware, staff and residents had their first Covid-19 Vaccine in January. This vaccine gives us all new hope that we will hopefully be back to some normality soon.

We are revamping our bedrooms at Derwent, slowly but surely all bedrooms will be getting done, we are adding wallpaper and new bedspreads, so bedrooms feel more unique and individual, we hope you all like them.

We are continuing to have lots of interactions with resident’s families with our Facebook page and our continuous Facetime and Zoom chats. We would like to say a big thank you to all our resident’s families for your understanding throughout all this and your unwavering support.

Allison Donnelly- Home Manager

Activities for February

We have had a jam-packed January with many exciting activities including National Popcorn day- where we had great fun guessing some unusual flavours. Here’s a sneak peak at what February holds for us at Derwent:

  • Chinese New Year
  • Assortment of games
  • Baking
  • Arts & Crafts
  • 1-1 Activities
  • Valentines Day

Residents birthdays

We have celebrated four birthdays during January at Derwent. Vera Telfer celebrated her 89th Birthday on January 2nd – she loved reading all her cards. Doreen Manning celebrated her 92nd birthday on January 9th and absolutely loved her cake. Joan Taylor turned 92 on January 21st she had a lovely day. Joan Tidswell celebrated her 84th birthday on January 24th and received lots of gifts.

Best wishes to all residents and staff celebrating a birthday in February- we can’t wait to celebrate with you!