Combining Tech Innovation and Comfort: Introducing Ally Cares to Derwent


Mariposa Care are delighted to announce an exciting update from Derwent Care Home, Low Westwood, where our extensive refurbishment project is making excellent progress and already receiving high praise from visitors. 


Promising a blend of comfort, elegance, and advanced care for our residents – the Apple Tree Café, Orangery, and Village Shop are all on track to welcome residents and their families from May 2024. These additions are designed not only to enhance the living experience of our elderly and specialist dementia residents through aesthetic upgrades but also to foster a sense of community and belonging within the home.

Opening Soon – The Apple Tree Cafe – Render image for visual purposes. 

In addition to these aesthetic upgrades, Mariposa Care is also proud to introduce Ally Cares, an acoustic monitoring system, to Derwent Care Home. Following a highly successful trial at our sister care home, Holly Lodge, we are now bringing this ground-breaking technology to Derwent to further enhance our service in keeping with the upgrades to the care home facility itself. 

By monitoring sounds within each bedroom, this system automatically alerts staff to any unusual activity or potential issues, ensuring that immediate care or intervention can be provided in advance of any issues or nurse call systems being alerted manually by a resident. This enhances safety and security for our residents, whilst also providing extra peace of mind to their families; who can rest assured that their loved ones are not only in the exceptionally attentive hands of our care team, but also under the additional monitoring of the Ally Cares system. 

The introduction of Ally Cares at Holly Lodge marked a significant milestone for Mariposa Care, highlighting our dedication to enhancing the quality of life for our residents through innovative technology. 

Caroline Bissett, Home Manager at Holly Lodge, shared her enthusiasm for the system, noting, “We were thrilled to be the first Mariposa Care home to test Ally Cares. It was a period of adjustment, but the benefits have been profound, significantly uplifting our residents’ well-being.” – we look forward to hearing Derwent’s Home Manager, Julie Shield’s view as Ally Cares makes its positive impact

Opening Soon- The Orangery – Render image for visual purposes.

As we continue this journey of refurbishment and technological advancement at Derwent, we remain committed to providing an environment that is not only safe and secure but also rich in opportunities for our residents to enjoy a fulfilling and vibrant lifestyle.

The forthcoming opening of the Apple Tree Café, Orangery, and Village Shop, coupled with the rollout of Ally Cares, symbolises our dedication to setting new standards in care home living. It’s a very exciting time to move into Derwent care home, so we are very pleased to have a selection of newly refurbished bedrooms now available.

If you would like to learn more about Derwent or book a tour of our care facilities, please call the care home directly on 01207 563886 or click here to Submit an Enquiry