Unexpected Visitors at The Old Prebendal House


One afternoon in October we were delighted with some unexpected visitors at The Old Prebendal House.

Our callers were Mr and Mrs Gary Bradshaw who were on a tour of the UK from the United States. The reason for their visit was to piece together Mr Bradshaw’s family history which is closely connected to The Old Prebendal or as it was, Parsonage Farm.

Mr Bradshaw has found that his ancestors were the Brookes family who lived at the house for 300 years between 1600-1800s. Mr Bradshaw is a descendant of Peter Brookes (1730-1800) and Mary Gilbert. Mr Bradshaw has carried out extensive research into his family history but would still love to find out more! Their family emigrated to the United states in 1831.

While they were here, the Bradshaw’s took pictures in the house and grounds and visited St Mary the Virgin church. They were fortunate that the day was sunny and will have taken away some treasured memories.

You will be aware that Mr Heath completed research on the history of The Old Prebendal and we were grateful to be able to pass on his booklet to the Bradshaw’s. Mr Heath reminds us that he has left further booklets at the reception desk should anyone be interested in knowing more about the history of The Old Prebendal to please collect a copy.

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