Transforming Lives at Derwent: New Specialist Facilities Bring Joy to Residents


Here at Derwent Care Home in Low Westwood, we remain as dedicated as ever to enhancing the quality of life for our elderly and specialist dementia residents – and our latest renovation works are a testament to this mission.


The introduction of three new destinations within the home – The Apple Tree cafe, The Orangery bar and The Village Shop – has bought a wave a positive change to our community, and we are already seeing first-hand the significant impact these industry-leading facilities can have on residents

Since opening it’s doors, The Apple Tree Cafe is now a bustling hub of activity, as residents take pride in meeting their loved ones in this cosy setting and even using the barista facilities to make teas and coffees for themselves; an act which not only boosts their confidence but also fosters a sense of independence and purpose.

Witnessing the sheer joy of families catching up over a coffee is truly remarkable, as the new cafe resonates with the warmth and laughter or heartfelt conversations throughout the day. And even during the quieter night hours, residents and our night care team alike use the space to enjoy a final cuppa or nightcap before bed as a comforting conclusion to their day.



The Village Shop has become a favourite spot for many, including our more reserved residents like Freida (name changed for privacy), who once hestitated to leave her room, now eagerly dresses every day for her visit to the shop.

The routine of shopping for groceries, newspapers, birthday cards and confectionary has reintroduced a sense of familiarity and independence to their lives. Watching residents browse the shelves and engage in friendly conversation has brightened up this modest corner of our home, turning it into a vibrant social space. 

Similarly, the Orangery Bar is now the prime location for our gentleman’s club, who all gather to enjoy a nice refreshing pint over a game of cards or light conversation. Even residents who previously did not engage with organised activities, have now eagerly adopt this space as their new ‘local’, with many jesting that we just need a few more bars for a full pub crawl.


These new elderly and specialist care facilities have not only enhances our residents’ daily routines, but also encourage socialisation and the formation of new friendships. Residents from different floors now feel confident to socialise freely, creating a more cohesive and lively community throughout the home.

Overall, the transformation at Derwent care home and remarkable impact the recent changes have already had on residents is inspiring. As we continue to support our residents in making the most of these spaces, we are excited to see how the changes will further enhance lives – bringing more joy, comfort and a renewed sense of community to Derwent Care Home. 




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