May 2021: Sunshine and Celebrations at Sovereign Lodge


Sovereign Lodge Newsletter: May Edition

As we move towards the end of lockdown, we’re incredible happy that internal visits are now available to book with our residents for up to two people! New guidelines mean our residents will soon be allowed to leave the home without the need to isolate so long as they are accompanied by a carer which is very exciting and something many of them have been looking forward to for months!

Both our staff and residents would like to thanks the directors and everyone who donated Easter treats – they were very much appreciated! We’d also like to thank Belway Homes for their generous donation of £500 towards our new summer house which will be used as an outdoor visitor pod when it arrives!

Our weather in April was very unpredictable – think sun, snow, sleet, repeat – but we did thankfully manage to have a lovely afternoon in the garden to celebrate St George’s Day! Check out the photo gallery to see what we got up to!

And as always, thank you for your patience throughout this pandemic – it’s lovely to finally see a light at the end of the tunnel!

"What's happening in May?" I hear you cry...


As always we have the usual daily activities going on in the home but we’ll also be introducing some exciting special activities throughout the month! As May is “National Photo Month” on the 9th Pauline will being doing 1:1 sessions and reminiscing through old photos with residents. 

15th May is “Pizza Party Day” so get ready to try some delicious pizzas with lots of different toppings!

As 29th May is “Biscuit Day” we thought what better way to celebrate than with a selection of biscuits and a cocktail/mocktail afternoon!


Activities for May

With this unpredictable weather it’s hard to plan activities outdoors but we’ll be sure to make the most of it when we can! As a back up, here are some indoor activities we have planned throughout the month:



Flower Arranging

Pamper Sessions

Sing Alongs

Target Golf

Aqua Painting

Memory Jigsaws

Board Games

Word Wheel 

Residents birthdays


Firstly, many happy returns to the following residents this month:

Audrey Myhill – 2nd

Susannah Bowman – 11th

Rita Sanderson – 14th 

Peter Winter – 18th

We’d also like to welcome our new residents George, Stan and Dot to our home – we hope you settle in quickly. 

Finally we’d like to wish our team member Laura well as she embarks on maternity leave. We should also have the news of the arrival of Scott and Nicole’s baby later this month!