Mariposa Care’s First Silent Nurse Call System



Mariposa Care Group are delighted to announce the installation of its first silent nurse call system, at Riverwell Beck nursing home in Carlisle. A silent nurse call system is a type of communication system used in care homes to allow residents to summon assistance from care teams discreetly. Unlike traditional nurse call systems which often have audible alarms or bells, a silent nurse call system operates without sound, relying on discreet alerts to notify care teams of a resident’s request for assistance.

Here's how it typically works

Call Buttons or Pendants

Residents are provided with call buttons that they can easily access and press when they require assistance. These buttons are often wireless for ease of use and mobility.


When a resident activates their call button, a silent or vibrating signal is sent to a central monitoring station or receiver located dotted around the care home but chiefly into Mariposa’s care teams mobile devices via the PCS (Person Centred Software) care management software.

Response and Assistance

Care teams can promptly respond to the notification and attend to the resident’s needs without causing disruption or alarm to other residents.

Blaucomm NMS - Nursecall Messaging Service

Benefits for Mariposa care home residents

Privacy and Dignity

The silent nurse call system allows residents to request assistance discreetly without drawing attention to themselves or their specific needs. This helps preserve their privacy and dignity.

Reduced Anxiety

The absence of loud alarms or bells reduces anxiety and stress for residents, especially those who may be sensitive to noise or easily startled.

Faster Response Times

Care teams can respond more quickly to requests for assistance since they receive notifications directly on their PCS devices, enabling them to attend to residents’ needs promptly.

Improved Sleep

With silent notifications, residents can call for assistance during the night without disturbing others, promoting better sleep quality for everyone in the care home.


Overall, the silent nurse call system provides a more dignified, efficient, and less intrusive way for Mariposa care home residents to communicate their needs to caregivers, ultimately improving their quality of life and ensuring they receive the support they require in a timely manner.

Mariposa plan to roll out silent nurse call systems at other homes, beginning with Old Prebendal House care home early this year.

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