Introducing “RITA” to Mariposa Care Homes


Say hello to RITA

We are pleased to announce the implementation of new “RITA” touch screen technology in a number of our care homes; an innovative system which aims to enhance the lives of care home residents by reintroducing them to activities they enjoyed earlier in life.

RITA stands for Reminiscence/Rehabilitation & Interactive Therapy Activities. An all-in-one touch screen system that offers digital reminiscence therapy, a relatively new tool in the fields of nursing and healthcare. By blending entertainment with therapy, RITA assists residents in recalling and sharing events from their past. Residents can listen to music, watch news reports of significant historical events, listen to war-time speeches, play games and karaoke, and watch films via the user-friendly interactive screens – which can be accessed independently or with the assistance of staff.

RITA technology has been specifically designed to address the needs of older adults in care homes; as an excellent way to stimulate memory recall and encourage social interaction. In addition to the reminiscence therapy aspect, RITA also provides rehabilitation and interactive therapy activities. These activities can help residents improve their physical and cognitive abilities, which can greatly improve their overall wellbeing.

We are already seeing the benefits of this innovative technology, as our residents enjoy using the software to watch old movies and play modern versions of games from their childhood.

Chris Beastall, Development Director for Mariposa Care, said:

“It’s brilliant to witness how modern technology, such as RITA, can enhance the lives of our residents. By bringing back fond memories from earlier stages in their lives, RITA provides our teams with a deeper understanding of their unique personalities and preferences, allowing us to deliver a more personal care experience. 

We are excited to continue implementing RITA in more of our care homes, and believe it will greatly benefit our residents. The technology has the potential to revolutionise the way we provide care to our residents, and we are proud to be at the forefront of this exciting development in the healthcare industry.”

Learn more about RITA here.