Gender Pay Profile

Mariposa Care Group Limited Gender Pay Gap Report 2022

Mariposa Care Group Limited’s gender pay gap report for the pay period including 5 April 2022 is as follows:

    Male Female
Pay quartiles Band A (lowest) 9.3% 90.7%
  Band B: 8.6% 91.4%
  Band C: 9.3% 90.7%
  Band D (highest) 22.9% 77.1%
  Mean gender pay gap: 12.13%  
  Median gender pay gap: 0.00%  
  Mean gender bonus gap: -38%  
  Median gender business gap -50%  
  Percentage paid bonus 1.4% 1.8%

I confirm that the above information is accurate.

Miriam Beastall

HR Director


Mariposa Care Group Limited appoint, train, develop and promote on the basis of merit and ability. We are committed to ensuring that existing team members, candidates applying for positions with us, agency workers, and volunteers are all treated fairly in an environment which is free from any form of discrimination. 

The data outlined above as of 5 April 2022 which was based on a total of workforce of 560 employees, of which 490 were women and 70 were men. The workforce is typical of the sector with a higher proportion of female employees compared to male – although we continue to review how we can attract and retain individuals who identify as male. 

The pay quartiles are proportionate of the male / female workforce split across all four pay quartiles – with a 6% rise in male employees in the Band D pay quartile where there are roles such as managers or clinical leads, maintenance, and chef in this pay quartile. This variation in Band D is reflected further in the 12.13% mean average gender pay gap. 

The median gender pay gap of 0% highlights that men and women in the same job role are routinely paid the same rate of pay. 

There is a discretionary, performance-based bonus scheme, which is equally accessible to men and women in the same job role of home manager who have been in post for at least 6 months of the financial year. These factors attribute to the gender bonus gap mean average being -38%. 

Mariposa Care Group Limited’s recruitment strategy and learning and development opportunities are open to both men and women equally. However, it is important to continue to review and monitor our values-based recruitment processes, pay and rewards offering, and robust exit interview processes to continue to create a more even gender balance in the workplace.